A Dog’s Breakfast – Movie by David Hewlett

In 2007 David Hewlett (our very own Rodney McKay) released “A Dog’s Breakfast” his directorial debut, based on his own script.

I’ll confess I sat down to watch this purely as an Atlantis fan and was completely blown away! Side-splittingly hilarious and just a little bit dark (think Tim Burton crossed with Wes Anderson), A Dog’s Breakfast is a great film in it’s own right.

Of course with the chance to see Mr. Hewlett in the altogether, Paul McGillion in drag, and cameos from Rachel Luttrell and Chris Judge the Stargate fan has a little extra to gain from this movie!

David Hewlett plays Patrick, an obsessive compulsive, who gets overprotective of his little sister (Kate Hewlett) when she brings home her fiancé Ryan (McGillion).

Convinced that Ryan is planning to murder his sister, Patrick decides to get rid of him first. Thus begins a comedy of errors as Patrick’s best laid plans go horribly (and hilariously) wrong, in fact he makes a dog’s breakfast of the whole thing ;-)

Seriously, if you haven’t seen it do so right now, you can get it on iTunes and Amazon Unbox electronically (US), or get the DVD from Amazon (NTSC region 1 only).

Word of warning, if you are going to watch this on your iPod whilst using public transport be prepared for lots of strange looks as you rock back and forth laughing uncontrollably (I will not be held accountable for anyone getting arrested!)

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