Stargate: The Arc of Truth

The first of two DVD movies, which will finish off the Stargate: SG1 story-arc, is due for US release on 11th March, UK fans will have to wait a little longer, 28th March on Sky One and 14th April for the DVD release.

Stargate: the Arc of Truth sees our intrepid team in search of a weapon against the Priors of the Ori, who continue to threaten the galaxy.

The mythical “Ark of Truth” is believed to be an Alteran device which causes those exposed to its power to be released of brainwashing or false beliefs.

Still from Stargate: The Arc of TruthThe search for the Ark is complicated by the presence of an ex-CIA black-ops investigator James Merek working for the IOA, the return of an old foe and overwhelming fire-power of the Ori battleships. It’s also an emotional ride for Vala as she faces Tomin and Adria once again.

Based on the pre-release that I’ve seen, this is a neat and exciting wrap-up of the Ori storyline, really it’s a shame it wasn’t released as a two-part end to season 10. The movie format does help the story feel more fluid, however with a run-time of around 100 minutes.

Great action, decent effects and a chance to spend time with old friends, Stargate: The Ark of Truth is an essential part of every fan’s collection (even if you’ve already grabbed it on BitTorrent!)

Amazon have a nice video clip featuring Teal’c and Tomin, though it takes a while to buffer.

The next DVD movie is Stargate: Continuum, slated for a July release and featuring a return of everyone’s favourite Jack. I’ll get you a review as soon as I can.

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