New Stargate movies on horizon?

After 5 years, there may actually be some good news on the horizon: Roland Emmerich (writer/director of the 1994 movie) “confirmed that he intends to reboot the Stargat efranchise as a new movie trilogy“. MGM has been offered it, but it is unknown whether they have accepted the trilogy idea or any sort of reboot – no writer has been confirmed: however, it’s extremely unlikely Kurt Russell and James Spader in will be in it: but hopefully David Hewitt, Jewel Staite and everyone’s favourite Commander Joe Flanigan.

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One Response to “New Stargate movies on horizon?”

  1. Karen De Rulle
    9:16 pm on April 30th, 2022

    Thanks for leaving these up. One can’t have enough Stargate Atlantis photos! I love them! K

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