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New Stargate movies on horizon?

After 5 years, there may actually be some good news on the horizon: Roland Emmerich (writer/director of the 1994 movie) “confirmed that he intends to reboot the Stargat efranchise as a new movie trilogy“. MGM has been offered it, but it is unknown whether they have accepted the trilogy idea or any sort of reboot – no writer has been confirmed: however, it’s extremely unlikely Kurt Russell and James Spader in will be in it: but hopefully David Hewitt, Jewel Staite and everyone’s favourite Commander Joe Flanigan.

Atlantis to end on 100th episode, no sixth season planned

If you haven’t heard the bad news by now, brace yourselves.

Stargate Atlantis has not been renewed for a sixth season, and the TV show will end with the 100th episode (Season 5, Episode 20) “Enemy at the Gate”.

A 2-hour movie is already in the works, which will hopefully be the first of many.

For more info and background on the untimely end of our favourite show, see producer Joseph Mallozzi’s blog.