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New Stargate movies on horizon?

After 5 years, there may actually be some good news on the horizon: Roland Emmerich (writer/director of the 1994 movie) “confirmed that he intends to reboot the Stargat efranchise as a new movie trilogy“. MGM has been offered it, but it is unknown whether they have accepted the trilogy idea or any sort of reboot – no writer has been confirmed: however, it’s extremely unlikely Kurt Russell and James Spader in will be in it: but hopefully David Hewitt, Jewel Staite and everyone’s favourite Commander Joe Flanigan.

Atlantis to end on 100th episode, no sixth season planned

If you haven’t heard the bad news by now, brace yourselves.

Stargate Atlantis has not been renewed for a sixth season, and the TV show will end with the 100th episode (Season 5, Episode 20) “Enemy at the Gate”.

A 2-hour movie is already in the works, which will hopefully be the first of many.

For more info and background on the untimely end of our favourite show, see producer Joseph Mallozzi’s blog.

Server Maintenance – 5th March

The nice people at Memset are moving me to a better, greener, datacentre, so there’s some downtime coming:

“The server has been scheduled for maintenance on Wednesday 5th March. We intend to start at 22:00, so your server will go offline some time between then and midnight. We expect the downtime to be 3-6 hours, however please be prepared for up to eight hours in case of unforseen eventualities.”

Stargate: The Arc of Truth

The first of two DVD movies, which will finish off the Stargate: SG1 story-arc, is due for US release on 11th March, UK fans will have to wait a little longer, 28th March on Sky One and 14th April for the DVD release.

Stargate: the Arc of Truth sees our intrepid team in search of a weapon against the Priors of the Ori, who continue to threaten the galaxy.

The mythical “Ark of Truth” is believed to be an Alteran device which causes those exposed to its power to be released of brainwashing or false beliefs.

Still from Stargate: The Arc of TruthThe search for the Ark is complicated by the presence of an ex-CIA black-ops investigator James Merek working for the IOA, the return of an old foe and overwhelming fire-power of the Ori battleships. It’s also an emotional ride for Vala as she faces Tomin and Adria once again.

Based on the pre-release that I’ve seen, this is a neat and exciting wrap-up of the Ori storyline, really it’s a shame it wasn’t released as a two-part end to season 10. The movie format does help the story feel more fluid, however with a run-time of around 100 minutes.

Great action, decent effects and a chance to spend time with old friends, Stargate: The Ark of Truth is an essential part of every fan’s collection (even if you’ve already grabbed it on BitTorrent!)

Amazon have a nice video clip featuring Teal’c and Tomin, though it takes a while to buffer.

The next DVD movie is Stargate: Continuum, slated for a July release and featuring a return of everyone’s favourite Jack. I’ll get you a review as soon as I can.

A Dog’s Breakfast – Movie by David Hewlett

In 2007 David Hewlett (our very own Rodney McKay) released “A Dog’s Breakfast” his directorial debut, based on his own script.

I’ll confess I sat down to watch this purely as an Atlantis fan and was completely blown away! Side-splittingly hilarious and just a little bit dark (think Tim Burton crossed with Wes Anderson), A Dog’s Breakfast is a great film in it’s own right.

Of course with the chance to see Mr. Hewlett in the altogether, Paul McGillion in drag, and cameos from Rachel Luttrell and Chris Judge the Stargate fan has a little extra to gain from this movie!

David Hewlett plays Patrick, an obsessive compulsive, who gets overprotective of his little sister (Kate Hewlett) when she brings home her fiancé Ryan (McGillion).

Convinced that Ryan is planning to murder his sister, Patrick decides to get rid of him first. Thus begins a comedy of errors as Patrick’s best laid plans go horribly (and hilariously) wrong, in fact he makes a dog’s breakfast of the whole thing ;-)

Seriously, if you haven’t seen it do so right now, you can get it on iTunes and Amazon Unbox electronically (US), or get the DVD from Amazon (NTSC region 1 only).

Word of warning, if you are going to watch this on your iPod whilst using public transport be prepared for lots of strange looks as you rock back and forth laughing uncontrollably (I will not be held accountable for anyone getting arrested!)

Puddle Jumper gets a Refit

I’ve finally got around to doing something about the site’s “backend”, the Jumper is now running on WordPress with the NextGen gallery plugin.

This means you can now subscribe to our RSS feed and be automatically updated when new wallpapers are added. There’s going to be a lot on new goodies coming very soon, so it just might be worth your while :-)

If you notice any bugs, have any issues, complaints or comments, please let me know either via the comments system or at the usual email address.